In just minutes, powerful market research is available on any device for every member of your team.

We create valuable consumer insights with just names and addresses. Big-data analytics made easy!  By combining millions of records into a comprehensive database of cloud-based knowledge, we are able to enter a customer's first name, last name, address, and zip code, and analyze all of it to construct a detailed analytical report about your customers. 

Three real time features

Reporting on any microsegment

Find the data that you need to research, plan, and execute your marketing and sales strategy. 

Score and segment current customers

Prioritize and bucket your existing customers to get the most from those that you already do business with. 

Look-alike prospects

Identify new prospects that look-like your existing customers and with whom you're already experiencing success.


Predictive output

Propensity to purchase

Discover how aligned each person is with your target customer or profiled micro-segment. 

Capacity to purchase

Know whether your target can buy before you make your marketing and sales investmensts.

Lifetime Value

Prioritize those prospects that will be worth the most to your business over time. 


Detailed Micro-segment reporting

Summary Report

At a glance, learn the common traits among your customers and how to predict whether they'll buy. 

Detailed Report

Deep dive into every data characteristic and know it's importance with respect to your customers' interests/demographics/psychographics. 


Print the reports and share them with your organization, so you're all working from the same set of facts. 

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