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Analyze offers the expertise to leverage emerging big data capabilities. Data consultants assess which big data hardware, software, or services best fit an organization's needs.

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Data science consultants are available to discuss organization goals and objectives and share the keys to begin leveraging information in data. 

Data scientists will explain the  data science process and help determine the next step toward leveraging big data. 


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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to buy new hardware?

Maybe. If you already have your own servers or rent server space that is not always tasked, you may not need more hardware. If you are concerned with slowing down your current information technology systems or you would like to maintain separate operational and analytical systems, then we  recommend that you buy or lease dedicated hardware for your data collection and analysis. Our data scientists can help you determine the right amount of hardware investment, if any, to provide an acceptable ROI for your organization. If you are unsure about making a big upfront investment on hardware, we encourage you to lease server space or look into our data science outsourcing


Do I need to buy new software?

We do not believe there is one software program that provides a beginning-to-end solution to big data problems. There are a variety of software infrastructures designed to meet a myriad of challenges that arise when attempting to leverage the volume, variety, and velocity of data today. As we work with organizations exploring solutions, we will find the right solution based on the following:  

What form of data are you collecting?

If you are mainly collecting reports in ".doc" or ".pdf" formats, we recommend different software and database solutions than if you are collecting social media information or video content. If you would like to read more about the various database options that have been developed specifically for big data solutions, take a look at hadoop and its related software programs.  

How much data are you collecting?

As you plan for data collection and analysis, we remind our clients how quickly data sets grow. Even a small organization of twenty people can build more than a terabyte of data per year.  Depending on how much data you retain for analytical purposes will determine the necessity of using hadoop-based programs that enable distributed computing capabilities. 

How frequently and quickly you need information from the data ?

A digital organization like Netflix or Amazon runs recommendation engines constantly as you use their sites in order to make the recommendations that they hope will improve your user experience. Financial institutions watch your financial transactions in real-time to detect fraud. These types of solutions require more robust and advanced software solutions than companies that may only require weekly, monthly, or quarterly insights on their customer or stakeholder behavior. The computing demands of the solution you are aiming to implement for your organization will often narrow down the software programs which will work best for your organization. 



Who will be working with the data?

We work with you to optimize a solution depending on who you want to work with your data. While your IT department may know more about how databases and computer code are performing, we recommend that you ensure that someone who understands your business is closely involved with whomever you choose to work with your data. If you're satisfied with predefined analysis and are comfortable that you have the talent in your company to manage the majority of the analysis, we'll recommend an "analytics in a box" software and hardware solution with which you're most comfortable. Most of our clients prefer a mix of pre-defined analytics products and ongoing analytics projects for which they hire advanced expertise. You can read more about some of our analytics products and projects here