Where should you relocate? How well would you fit?

Great news!  You have just received a new job opportunity.  But, it is not that close to home.  The commute could be awful.  Maybe you should relocate.  But, where should you go?  How long will it take you to fit into a new area?  Will you really be a fit?

Analyze Corporation provides insights that can help with all kinds of decisions.  We have a vast collection of information on consumer demographics and consumer behaviors that we tap for solving problems.  We have recently posted a web-based tool that allows a user to evaluate various characteristics of other communities.  This could help narrow down the search when considering re-locating.  By feeding the site a desired zip code and answering several questions, the program will show you how you compare to people in your potentially new neighborhood. 

Below is an example of the web-screen’s questionnaire that is filled-in with some sample data:


In this case, the user’s annual income level ranges from $60-74K.  The following graph shows how the user’s income level compares with others who live in the 22003 zip code.


The income ranges for the people in the 22003 zip code are shown with the green bars and are separated into 8 income ranges.  The user’s income range is designated with the orange bar.  By hovering the mouse over any bar in the chart, a pop-up will appear that indicates the income range for that bar as well as the percentage of that range.  From viewing the chart above, the user can see that his income level would place him slightly lower than most of his future neighbors.  In fact, he would be in the lower 35%.


Other comparison charts showing community demographics  are available as well.  The chart below shows how he stacks up in the area of education:


In terms of education, there are four categories.  The green bars show the education levels of the 22003 zip code.  The yellow bar shows the education level of the user.  From viewing the education details in the graph above, the percentage of those who have completed just high school is similar to those who have completed college.  Both of these categories have a slightly greater percentage than those people who have completed graduate level work.


If this kind of data and analysis is intriguing, keep in mind that Analyze Corporation has all kinds of data and experience in analytics that can help you and your business gain valuable insights.  Give us a call at 703-273-1900 or fill out our contact webform and we will reach out to you via email.

To actually run this web application, go to this link.