Dr. Nolker to Present at Sentiment Analysis Symposium this Week

Dr. Robert Nolker, Analyze’s Vice President of Research and Development, will be presenting at the Sentiment Analysis Symposium in New York this week, March 5, during the Technology and Innovation workshops. Dr. Nolker will be presenting his groundbreaking research in identifying user roles within social networks using structure mining approaches.  Dr. Nolker’s approach provides two primary benefits.  First, a user’s role provides insight into how much weight their opinions or comments should be given in text and sentiment analysis. Second, role identification can be used to reduce the size of your dataset, an important step to reducing processing costs when doing text analysis.  Dr. Nolker will demonstrate these structure mining techniques on cybersecurity networks, more specifically software vulnerability research forums, in order to demonstrate how to choose the most important targets for additional sentiment and text analysis. 

Analyze successfully uses advanced analytics to improve marketing return on investment, reduce operational labor costs, and improve cybersecurity by providing businesses next generation analytics using machine learning, graph theory, and structure mining techniques. 


Read more about Dr. Nolker at http://analyzecorp.com/executiveteam