We are committed to the success of our employees. As we get to know you, we want to know how you define success, so we can help make you successful. Ultimately, if you choose to join Analyze, we want to work with the best version of you because that benefits all of us.


We love our work and understand that much of what makes us successful doesn't happen at work. Family, friends, hobbies, sports... These things create the balance in our lives that inspire us to succeed. We don't always work at the same time or in the same place. Our best ideas usually don't come in the office.

We are committed to our clients and our customers. We are where we should be when we should be there, and we come with the solutions, ideas, and people that will make a difference.



We take care of our employees. Health insurance and dental insurance are standard. Vacation and paid time off.Plus we like to believe we're great to work with. If you're on the team, it means we trust you. No questions asked. If you have specific questions. Call us and let's talk.



Data Science is the hottest job of the next decade. Don't take our word for it. You can read more about what the New York Times and Harvard Business Review say about data science here. We create value for our customers and you are compensated well for the value that you create. We are a merit based organization and proud about what we compensate our employees.

Open Positions

11/06/13 - Now accepting applications for consulting and software sales positions

09/30/13 - Now accepting applications for internship positions