What makes data science difficult?

There’s no shortage of data, technology, or computing resources. So why have companies struggled to solve mission critical data challenges? One word – Experience.

At Analyze, our data scientists solve some of the most complex data science problems that others simply could not.  Decades of experience working with massive volumes of complex data and the knowledge of how to apply the right method at the right stage in the project is one key to success. 

One example: Illegal and unregulated fishing is resulting in approximately $20 billion in economic losses annually and causing significant environmental challenges for countries around the world. Using geospatial position data from over 110,000 vessels at sea and nearly 500,000,000 data records, Analyze created a complex algorithm that clearly identified illegal fishing behaviors.

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When it comes to data science, experience counts.

All the ships on the Sea

Analyze partnered with Google Ocean's and SpaceQuest for the 2013 Google IO Developers Conference. 

Ending Illegal Fishing

Joining organizations such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Analyze performed behavior analysis on fishing behavior.

 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


Consumer and market insight flourishes when disparate data is integrated to reveal important behavioral attributes and actions.  

Today, data and science can be blended creating a powerful fuel to run your business. But most analysts are challenged to manage the data explosion including private, public and real-time streams from social media, online buying and digital marketing.

Analyze has compiled and integrated data from dozens of sources, structured and unstructured, private and public, real-time and batch.  Coupled with our consumer database of nearly 200 million records, unstructured text analysis and our proven data science methods, Analyze creates vivid consumer profiles, predictive models and targeting analysis second to none.

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When it comes to data science, experience counts.


Customer Insights

The BrakeSquad, a mobile brake repair service with an Angie's List Super Service Award, needed an in-depth understanding of their customers.


The evolving cybersecurity landscape puts personal and customer data at risk. Online fraud, data breaches and identity theft have become the biggest criminal risk to business, with over $50 billion in losses projected in 2014 alone. Your customers want their data to be private, safe and secure.

Cybersecurity analytics from Analyze help identify hackers, criminals and insider threats in your network by collecting, correlating and synthesizing a full range of events to move beyond virus and intrusion detection to reveal the hidden human behaviors that indicate malicious activity.  Our experts have decades of experience in information security and cyber threat detection, mitigation and best practices. 

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When it comes to data science, experience counts.

Cybersecurity Training

Analyze is preparing to deliver its off-the-shelf cybersecurity courses to the Department of State. Read more about our Cybersecurity training curriculum here.

 US Department of State