All The Ships On The Sea

70% of Earth's surface is covered by water. 100,000 ships traverse these waters at any given time. What does that look like on the map and what does it all mean?

Partnering with Google Ocean's and SpaceQuest, Analyze provided data management services and analytics on ship behaviors for the 2013 Google IO Developers Conference. From extraction, translation, and load (ETL), parsing, and advanced behavior analysis. 

Motion Analytics and Maritime Domain Awareness

Available satellite based data is growing and there is enough to investigate IUU fishing, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and other violations. However, there is a fundamental technology shortfall: there are not enough analysts to watch every ship in every moment. 

Mathematical Behavior Patterns

How many boats are there? Where do they go? And how often do they go there? Using mathematical models, Analyze evaluated all of the ships transmitting AIS near Alaska and discovered very distinct patterns.

Fishing vessels act like fishing vessels and not like ferries, transport vessels, patrol vessels, or pleasure crafts.

Fishing Behavior 1

Fishing Behavior 2

Fishing Behavior 3

Not Fishing Behavior 1

As a result of our study, Analyze is now fine tuning our algorithms to automate the detection of IUU fishing and looking to expand our algorithms to drug and human trafficking.

MDA Monitoring

 Until recently, mankind could see only 30 miles from its shores, severely limiting the ability to monitor coastal waters. Imagine, to disappear from the earth you only needed to find a boat and paddle thirty miles from shore.

The inability to monitor these waters and limited government and international resources has resulted in abuses of protected fisheries and exploitation of national economic fishery resources.

The innovation of AIS payloads mounted on micro-satellites now permits global tracking of AIS transmitting vessels.

AIS Messages from Shore

Little had changed since Spain watched Christopher Columbus sail west over the horizon to discover India. Shore based AIS receivers are limited by the curvature of the earth's surface. As a general rule, this means that shore based receivers detect, at most, ships transmitting AIS messages within 30 nautical miles of the shore.

AIS Messages from Space

In 2007, Analyze's partner, SpaceQuest, led by Dino Lorenzini, launched the first satellite with an AIS payload. For the first time in history, mankind could watch a ship after it went over the horizon. The number of AIS messages is revolutionizing what governments, NGOs, private organizations, and you can do to protect the seas.

Customer Insights for TheBrakeSquad

The BrakeSquad, a mobile brake repair service with an Angie's List Super Service Award, needed an in-depth understanding of their customers for two objectives: 

1) Improve effectiveness of targeted marketing

2) Optimize inventory and operations management

Process: Analyze conducted data analysis on the existing customer base - reviewing customer information, services delivered, service locations, dates of serivce, repeat customer transactions, and vehicle profiles, and then appended additional census data, tax records and other consumer and government data. 

Results: Analyze delivered a comprehensive view of BrakeSquad customers, including customer profiles, cars serviced, distanced traveled by technicians, and service pricing recommendations. Overall providing a well defined target marketing strategy and optimized operational insights.

Visit our Customer Insights page or Download the final report by clicking on the images below. 

An Interactive Map of Your Service Locations

View Customer Insight BrakeSquad Demo in a full screen map

Data Indicators & Results

Available upon request

Named Entity Recognition & Ontological Classification for Verisign

With in-depth domain expertise stemming from decades of pioneering operational cybersecurity, Analyze is able to provide the most advanced text analytics, including named entity recognition and ontological classification, required to automatically sort through hundreds of thousands of documents saving analysts and programmers thousands of hours of manual labor. While other companies can handle simple english grammar analytics, Analyze takes text analysis to the next level by processing and analyzing URLs, software code, IP addresses, and more.

Authorized Reseller of Verisign Cybersecurity and Managed DNS Services

In addition to providing Verisign advanced data science solutions, Analyze is an authorized reseller of Verisign's cybersecurity and domain name services, provided a value added reseller to Verisign's customers. Read more about Verisign services that Analyze can provide your organization by clicking on the links below. 

Managed DNS

DDoS Protection Services


Cyber Training for the U.S. Department of State

Analyze provides cybersecurity training to the U.S. Department of State around the world.  Read more about our Cybersecurity training curriculum here.

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