Preconfigured Software Applications


Chi-Square features more than 100 preconfigured software applications for data science tasks. From database software such as Hadoop, Cassandra, and MongoDB to the advanced analytics packages like R, Weka, and PSPP. Read the complete list of preconfigured applications here.


Open-Source Dataset Library


Chi-Square features preconfigured open-source datasets so that data scientists spend less time cleaning and formatting and more time analyzing data. From the U.S. Census to consumer price indexes, political surveys, and social media data, Chi-Square makes getting open-source datasets easy.


Data Integration Across Platforms


Chi-Square features user friendly integration of datasets across applications so data scientists spend less time exporting and importing data into different software applications and more time discovering insights and uncovering trends. 


Easiest Platform to Learn


Chi-Square provides the easiest platform for learning data science. With preconfigured analytical and database packages data science becomes more about analyzing and less about finding, installing, and configuring.