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Compensation Analysis

Analyze uses data about employees to determine comparative market value for compensation. Compensation analysis helps organizations understand labor market and compensation strategy enabling improved employee retention and productivity

The Goal

The goal for this product is to make managers confident in their decisions to incentivize employees at their  performance evaluations. After receiving this analysis your managers can confidently make statements as follows: 

"Bill, I know you're looking for a raise, and you're one of our best employees. 

(If total compensation is ranked in 90th percentile) We'd like to ask you to take additional responsibility so we can offer you a raise.

(If total compensation is ranked in the 50th percentile) We certainly feel you have earned a raise and we are grateful for your hard work."


 See Demo Analysis

See Demo Analysis


Small Business

Optimized for organizations with 25 employees or less concentrated in one or two labor markets. 

Medium Enterprise

Optimized for organizations with 26 - 500 employees concentrated in multiple labor markets. 


Optimized for organizations with more than 500 employees concentrated in many disparate labor markets.

All of our analyses are delivered securely online and include a machine readable PDF report format, a Prezi (browser based) presentation format, and a complimentary interactive map of employee locations (beta) where applicable to visually understand where employees commute from. You can also ask Analyze data scientists any follow-up questions you may have by phone, email, or interactively online.





Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Order?

You can order from us online, over the phone, or in person. We accept major credit cards, check, or money order. After you order, we'll ask you some simple questions about your business that will help us understand your specific needs and ensure that you receive the package that fits your needs. 

How Do You Get My Data?  

After you order, we will email you a secure link where you can upload your data to our secure servers in excel or CSV format. If you're unsure whether your data is available in this format just let us know and we'll schedule a time for one of our data technicians to work with you or someone in your organization to discuss the proper method for retrieving or analyzing the data. 

How Will I Get My Results? Will They Be Secure?

When the analysis is completed (around 5 business days for small organizations and up to 30 for large organizations), Analyze will send you a link to a password secured website where you can download your reports, view the presentation, and use the interactive map of the geospatial analysis. You will be able to schedule a time to meet with a Data Scientist to review the results online and it will include the email address of an Analyze data scientist. You can also post your questions directly on the page via the comments/ blog option.  

Can I See An Example Report So I Know What To Expect? 

Of course. Analyze wants you to know exactly what you are paying for and is also happy to customize analyses to fit your needs. Analyze is about working with real data scientists to improve your organization. You can view a sanitized version of a customized analysis package recently completed for BrakeSquad, a mobile brake repair service based in Northern Virginia beginning to franchise its services across the United States.