Keep Data Private, Safe and Secure


Cybersecurity analytics help identify hackers, criminals and insider threats in your network. Don't let poor cybersecurity stunt your company's growth.




We collect, correlate and synthesize a full range of events to move beyond virus and intrusion detection.



Hidden human behaviors that indicate malicious activity are revealed for prevention and to learn from.



Your organization's cyber maturity develops and enables safer day to day operations while gaining knowledge of real security threats within the context of your environment.


Train and Develop Your Workforce


Most organizations cybersecurity don't rival the persistence, tactical skills, and technological prowess of today's cyber adversaries. And cybercrime is the top national security threat today.

Partner with us to train and develop your workforce and reduce the impact of cyber threats on your companies growth. 82% of companies with high performing security practices already collaborate with others.


Cyber Training and Workforce Development


Off-the-shelf training courses

We offer a variety of cyber topics that range in length from one hour to multiple weeks depending upon the depth and level of skill development required. These courses may be offered as instructor-led, self-paced, classroom or virtual delivery.  Click here for a list of topics. 


Advanced Developer Expertise

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We are able to offer customized courses and exercises.  We work in close collaboration with your organization’s operations experts and apply cyber learning concepts within the context of your organization.  Our offering incorporates hands-on learning with expert mentoring. Click here to speak with a Course Developer.


Cyber Course Delivery

Our instructors can deliver these courses.  They are themselves operational experts  with deep experience in vulnerability discovery and specialized cyber software solutions development.  This enables them to teach and to mentor students for maximum learning and skills development.

Advanced Cyber Capabilities


Software Vulnerability

Our experts come with years of advanced computer science work in software security research and development.  They place special emphasis on understanding software vulnerabilities and can provide comprehensive software security assessments for your organization.


Mobile and Cloud Computing

We have a pedigree in advanced computer science and have developed critical thinking and technical skills that can be used to understand the vulnerabilities inherent in today’s mobile devices and cloud computing. We offer solutions to assist in “hardening” your devices and data paths. 

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Advanced Expertise

  • Penetration Testing and Red Teaming
  • Software and Platform testing
  • Secure Systems and Architectures
  • Tool Development
  • IA Services and Compliance
  • Embedded Engineering
  • Critical Infrastructure SCADA and Control Systems
  • Vulnerability Research/Analysis
  • Physical and Information Security