Up-to-Date Security 


Businesses, governments and individuals depend on reliable, secure systems to collaborate, trade and interact in a networked world. Our ability to create data and to communicate evolves at a rapid and ever-expanding pace, but security technologies have not kept up, putting organization at risk. To effectively compete in the digital age, enterprises need to evolve cybersecurity maturity that matches their speed of business.


Software Vulnerability


Our experts come with years of advanced computer science work in software security research and development. They place special emphasis on understanding software vulnerabilities and can provide comprehensive software security assessments for your organization.


Mobile and Cloud Computing


We have a pedigree in advanced computer science and have developed critical thinking and technical skills that can be used to understand the vulnerabilities inherent in today’s mobile devices and cloud computing. We offer solutions to assist in “hardening” your devices and data paths.


Advanced Expertise

  • Penetration Testing and Red Teaming
  • Software and Platform testing
  • Secure Systems and Architectures
  • Tool Development
  • IA Services and Compliance
  • Embedded Engineering
  • Critical Infrastructure SCADA and Control Systems
  • Vulnerability Research/Analysis
  • Physical and Information Security