Data Management

Terra and petabytes of data present unique data management challenges. While it has become relatively inexpensive to buy flash and hard drive space it remains difficult to understand how to structure hardware, where to store information, and how frequently to index and precompute data. 

Our Expertise

With more than 25 years combined experience in distributed computing and parallel processing, Analyze data and computer scientists help organizations match the appropriate hardware and software with their long and short term strategy and needs. Analyze brings extensive experience implementing solutions like the following within the Fortune 100 and the largest government agencies. 


Data management determines data value

The basic principle of money management used in purchasing a home or opening a savings account apply to data management: management determines quantity and access. Not all data is created equal and it is important to have immediate access to data needed now while data that will only be valuable in the future can be collected and stored. Analyze helps organizations decide which data to store where and how to ensure access to it when it matures and becomes most valuable. 


Choosing which data to keep

Analyze provides recommendations on which data will provide organizations the most lift and which data is not worth the investment. 


Choosing where to keep data

The decision on where to keep data is influenced by cost and capability. There are many different database solutions optimized for different types of data, and there are as many hardware and cloud solutions to compare. Analyze helps organizations understand the pros and cons to each solution.  


Determining when data is valuable

In the same way that the value of weather forecasts depends on the date observed, the value of data depends on the timing of the analytics. 


Ensuring access to the right data

Analyze helps organizations implement the right named entity recognition and ontological classification tools to ensure employees can leverage organizations' intellect and experience. These tools go beyond indexing and search to provide the most relevant and comprehensive reach into previous reports, social network posts, emails, contracts, articles, and other data available.