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Data Science as a Service™

Data Science as a Service™ is Analyze's unique approach to providing today's business and government with the most advanced and efficient big data and data science analytics. With more than 25 years combined experience in data science and cybersecurity, Analyze helps organizations stay ahead of the competitionincrease revenue, and improve operational efficiency.


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To start leveraging data... 

  To   start leveraging data    

To start leveraging data


Big Data Consultation

Work with a data scientist to understand the benefits of big data and to receive unbiased, practical solutions.

For more information from data... 

  More information from data

More information from data

Analytics Solutions

Analyze offers basic to advanced analytics and everything in between. Opt to design a custom plan or choose a ready-made package. 

For help with a bag of big data... 

    Help with my bag of big data

Help with my bag of big data

Data Management

Experts help set up and manage the platforms necessary to manage data from giga to petabytes including hadoop, NoSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB and more. 

For more data science... 

  More data science...

More data science...

Data Scientists on Demand

Find the right resource for your short term or on-going projects. Analyze offers data scientists on demand.

Need help Now? Speak with a data scientist.