Features Overview

All the features we've built into Analyze Clients are intended to remove the friction between you and your customer data. With a dropbox-like interface you can zoom in and out of your data. It's easy to use, populated with real data - not inferred, it's fast, and its in your hands.

Consumer Analysis

Discover your customer demographics and psychographics in real time with three easy to read reports that leverage predictive analytics and scoring for propensity to purchase, capacity to purchase, and lifetime value for every person in your database. Access and analyze your data anytime and anywhere by staying connected to the cloud. 

Data Append

Append and enhance your customer file automatically in seconds with 360+ demographic, financial, household, psychographic, lifestyle, and consumer behavioral selects. Easy to download and easy to use in .csv and other compatible files with no extra work needed. Access and append data anytime and anywhere by staying connected to the cloud.

Automobile Analysis

Download automobile ownership data instantly and access vehicle ownership data for 66 million vehicle owners since 2004. Pull auto information by year, make and model, or find vehicle owners by ZIP code. Understand the customer profile of your car and warranty buyers so you can market better.