Marketing Analytics

Understand the customer. How likely a customer is to purchase, how much a customer will spend, and a relationship with the business.  Big Data technologies and data science can fundamentally increase the impact of marketing. Whether you run traditional business to cutting edge technology, data science in marketing will ensure improved marketing ROI. 



From Fundamental to Advanced

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Customer Insights

A 360 degree view of customers, detailed market characterizations, improved marketing ROI.

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Price Sensitivity

Understand how customers value products or services, improve profitability, and forecast market penetration based on pricing strategies.

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Competitive Pricing Analysis

Make informed strategic pricing decisions, understand market position, and uncover competitors' pricing strategy.

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Customer Behavior Analysis

Understand customers and their behaviors to improve lifetime value, loyalty, floor layouts, web design, and target marketing.   

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Social Network Analysis

Send each person the right message at the right time and improve social media marketing return on investment by defining the relationships between the people and entities within a social network.