You Upload

All you need is your customers first name, last name, address, and zip code in a .xslx or .csv file. Upload your file onto the platform and your work is done. 


We Analyze

Your customers are run through our dedicated and secure platform, matching your data to our database of 220+ million contacts. Up to 360+ characteristics are revealed through your entire dataset. 


Our Science

Uncover hobbies, lifestyles, demographics, psychographics, purchasing behavior and more that often occur in your customers. Our data science and statistics (Pearson's Correlation Coefficient) tell you which characteristics are positively and negatively correlated. 


Your Insights

You gain access to reports on the platform in minutes. You can view a short summary or detailed report of our findings on the web, or print it out for your whole team to have. Your insights give you an accurate ideal customer profile. Learn how to maximize your profile here.


Better Prospects

Our platform also offers the ability to find prospects just like your customers. When we analyze your contacts, we apply more data science to our entire database to find a prospect's propensity & capacity to purchase and lifetime value. You can pull lists to start targeting the right people.