How can Analyze help grow your business?

Analyze helps you discover the most important characteristics of your customers that allows you to create or improve your marketing strategy. With accurate customer profiling at your fingertips, you can create multiple buyer personas, edit messaging and content specific to your profiles, and target more customers that will buy. Whether you are looking to improve an inbound, content, digital, or direct marketing strategy, Analyze can provide you the insight that will permit you to improve and grow.


How has Analyze helped other businesses like mine?

Whether you are a fortune 500 company like Google or Verisign or a small business like Temes Consulting (automotive), Bulletproof leads (telemarketing), Allied Print (print & shop) or Summit Spinal Care (Healthcare provider), our scientific process will help you understand which consumer characteristics are the most important to driving business growth. 


Is there anyone else that offers the same service? Why should I work with Analyze?

No one else offers you the technology and platform that Analyze has developed. List brokers will offer you similar data for about the same price, and consumer analysis and credit bureaus like Merkle, Acxiom and Experian will offer you a similar analysis at 5-10x our price and a longer timeframe. Making the latter more expensive and the former less effective. 


Will it be expensive to work with Analyze?

Analyze has invested in developing a technology platform that streamlines our scientific process, so you’ll pay a fraction of the price that traditional management consultants or consumer analysis firms might charge you. 


How can I measure the effectiveness of the services?

Most likely, you are already measuring the effectiveness of your marketing, even if your measurement is as simple as the ratio of marketing spend to sales revenue.  As a big data analytics company, we specialize in modeling marketing response so you can know how much more effective our solutions will be before you make wholesale changes to your strategy. Using your historical marketing data we’ll show you how effective your current strategy is and compare it to a data driven predictive marketing strategy. You’ll know exactly how our data driven strategies will save you money and increase revenue.


Is Analyze an analytics company or a list provider?

While we sell targeted marketing data, we specialize in analytics.  We offer data science solutions to various industries. Our marketing analytics solution offers your company a chance to gain insights on your consumers that would otherwise be inaccessible. You can also find and buy prospects that best resemble your current customers, so if you’re confident you’ve pegged your strategy, we’ll amplify your returns. 


Who are Analyze’s analytics meant for?

Our analytics are meant for any B2C business that is looking to improve their overall marketing strategy.  Whether you are building, enhancing, or reevaluating your strategy, Analyze technologies and services will become a valuable asset to your business.

Marketing agencies, educational institutions, retailers, auto dealerships, healthcare providers, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, direct marketers, and print & ship companies are a perfect fit for our analytics. 


How would a digital marketing company benefit using analytics from Analyze?

Most digital marketers use web analytics to gain a better understanding of their audience. While web analysis is useful, it ignores offline data and some of the most important data points driving purchasing behavior. Our marketing analytics provide the demographic, psychographic and behavioral information that offer a more comprehensive picture of your customers than a near-sighted clicks and browsing history analysis. You have quick and accurate access to your ideal customer profile. Create buyer personas in an instant. Draft messaging and content that your target audience is guaranteed to love. Analyze multiple segments to reveal differences and change strategy. Target geographic areas with the most prospects likely to purchase in your PPC campaigns. There is no boundary on what you can do. 


What is an ideal customer profile?

A description of the best customers for your business that includes demographic, geographic, and psychographic patterns, as well as buying patterns, creditworthiness, and purchase history. Ideally, this profile will define the types of consumer that will find the most value from your products, bring the most revenue to your business, and are likely to continue to work with you in the future. 


Why are ideal customer profiles important?

Ideal customer profiles are important for anyone starting, expanding, or revamping a business. It allows you to easily and thoroughly strategize how to connect with the best customers for your journey. You can define what makes your company and the people you serve unique compared to your competitors. 



Why should you trust Analyze with your data?

As data analysis and cybersecurity experts, there are few companies that can protect your data as well as Analyze. We employ some of the World’s most renowned cyber and hacking experts, training every U.S. Embassy in the world. 


Where does Analyze get its data from?

We buy our data from consumer data aggregators like Experian and Acxiom, scrape and scrub public sources of information, and continually search and scour for more information to add to our database.