Donor Impact Platform - more donors. more impact.

Expand your donor base using big data technologies

Analyze invited 10 nonprofits to pilot its Donor Impact platform as Beta Testers. You can download a copy of the powerpoint we presented at the kickoff.  Join our mailing list to follow our progress and stay informed when the platform becomes available for use.  

  • Improve response rate to donation campaigns by 50 - 60%
  • Decrease overhead expenses
  • Target donors that connect with your nonprofit's mission
  • Measure the strength of your donor base
  • Learn how big data can help your mission
  • Network with other nonprofits leveraging technology
  • See a demonstration using real donor data
  • Help by providing feedback on features you'd like to see in the platform

Join our mailing list and get exclusive access to the platform as soon as it becomes available.

 Download Kickoff Presentation

Download Kickoff Presentation


What is the Donor Impact Platform?

The Donor Impact platform is advanced analytical software offered through the cloud. It provides a secure place for nonprofits to upload data about their donors to discover more about their donor base like age, income level, geographic locations as well as more in depth information like purchasing preferences and political and religious views.  The Donor Impact platform then uses advanced statistical and machine learning to predict the propensity of individuals to give again, their capacity to give more, and their lifetime value to your organization.  The platform also provides an easy way to find more donors that will connect with your mission. 

What is a Kickoff? 

The kickoff provides each organization the opportunity to meet Analyze and learn about the Donor Impact platform, including how the technology works and how to begin using the technology to its fullest. At the Kickoff, each organization will have the opportunity to share about how it uses technology to expand its mission. The goal of the kickoff is to provide each participant with instructions and training to begin using the platform and provide feedback for how the platform can be adjusted to suit its needs. Hopefully, each organization will also come away with a new network of people and new ideas for how technology can expand its mission. 



3554 Chain Bridge Rd, Ste 203

Fairfax, Virginia 22030 


Who is invited? 

Nonprofit organizations from around the Washington D.C. metro area  have been invited to join the Kickoff by invitation. 

Who should attend?

Executives, managers, outreach personnel, donor and membership campaign leads, and anyone interested in how big data can help nonprofit organizations.


Friday, May 30, 2014

8:30 - 11:30 AM

Light breakfast provided

How much does it cost?

Attendance at the kickoff meeting is free.  The purpose of the kickoff meeting is to get your feedback as potential participants of the pilot version of the Donor Impact Platform, and we anticipate providing access to the system free in exchange for your candid feedback on things like: 

  • How easy the system is to use?
  • How much insight does it provide about your donor base? 
  • How else would you find out this same information? 
  • How likely and how frequently would you be to use the platform in the future?
  • How much would you be willing to pay for the platform? How much would you spend doing similar tasks today?
  • What other features would be most helpful in finding more donors for your organization?

Our Story - Analyze & Non-profits

After more than 25 years providing advanced analytics and software to the intelligence community, Ed Lorenzini, Scott Chase, Bob Nolker, and Wyatt Grantham founded Analyze to bring Advanced Analytics to causes they believed in. Since opening its doors in February 2013, Analyze has made substantial investments to end illegal fishing and build the Donor Impact Platform. Analyze's Mercury technology is likely to play a major role in helping Non-profits like Pew Charitable Trust, SkyTruth, and others in ending illegal fishing, and hopes to provide Non-profit organizations with the same kind of ground breaking technology to help them impact their causes. Ed Lorenzini, Analyze's president, acted as the President of ACCTS, a faith based Non-profit for more than 12 years and Wyatt Grantham, Analyze's CFO, has been active with the Boy Scouts of America as an Eagle Scout and now Venture Crew scoutmaster for more than 20 years and supports CCFA, the Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America, in their effort to raise funds and awareness for Chron's disease.