Data Science Solution for Non-Profits

Find donors who are most likely to give and connect with your mission. You can now easily expand the impact of your non-profit with DonorImpact.



Upload your current donor's into our secure, online platform. Your donor's are then mashed up, analyzed and measured based on four scores: Propensity, Capacity, Lifetime Value, and Donor Impact Score. Learn more about those scores here. 


Unique characteristics and tendencies about your donor's are revealed when uploaded and we analyze. Learn new, actionable insights you otherwise would've never known. Gain a better understanding of your donors and apply that to messaging and outreach. 


Take everything you just learned and combine it with your outreach efforts. Call potential donors that are likely to give, have the financial capability to give, and are likely to give again over their lifetime. You connect with the right people and grow your organization quicker. 


Find More Donors


Analyze technologies improve response rates to donation campaign, decrease overhead expenses, target donors that connect with your mission and measure the strength of your donor base.

Coupled with our database of nearly 200 million records, unstructured text analysis and our proven data science methods, Analyze creates vivid profiles of your donor base, predictive models and targeting analysis second to none and available in the cloud.