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Analyze accelerates growth initiatives by surfacing insights faster, making better decisions, and knowing where to find more customers.

Our Point of View

Revenue growth wins.

Growing revenue is what fuels business. Without growth, momentum stalls, market share is lost, and employee morale sinks.  Companies seek revenue growth by asking key questions: 

  • How do I expand my current customer segments? 
  • How do I identify new customer segments?
  • How do I strengthen engagement with existing customers? 
  • What's the most efficient, low-risk way to enter a new market?

Answering these questions requires data. Yet marketers are awash in data, trying to identify the right data to focus on, and, ironically, efficiencies decrease as the amount of data increases. 

The Right Data Wins

Data is the currency in software’s new world order.
— Mark Benioff

Companies that don't know enough about their customers can't compete with those that do. 

Unfortunately, getting the right data has never been more challenging as it is today:

  • Identifying data- 42% of data that a company needs to make decisions come from outside the organization. 
  • Importing data - Data is usually dirty, formatted in different ways, and difficult to mash up. 
  • Crunching data - Once you have the data in once place, making it useful is a real challenge, and it's usually an iterative process of test and learn that makes crunching data worth the time and money of getting it one place. 
  • Reviewing data - Interpreting the data so that your whole company and your whole team can leverage the insight is challenging, especially when the insight affects strategy and multiple stakeholders. 

Current approaches no longer work

Hiring a market research firm, bringing in a consultant, or beefing up your own spreadsheets are either too expensive, too time consuming, or just too risky to rely on.  

  • You'll end up with the roughly the same information as your competitors (if you're lucky)
  • YOu'll have more questions than you have answers
  • You'll start making "gut" decisions (and spending a ton of energy defending those decisions)

The process becomes so painful, that you'll avoid doing it again - which increases the risk of falling even further behind your competition.

Time is of the essence

Most businesses are in slow or low growth markets, and the longer decision making and execution takes, the less likely they are to outgrow their competition.