The Technical Stuff

We believe you'll find our techniques, technologies, and expertise in par with the most advanced on the market and in academia. If not, please call us, we'd love to partner. 

Graph Theoretical and Network Techniques

Sometimes motion data is best understood as a collection of route and destinations (edges and vertices). Graph theory is a rich mathematical discipline with established solutions to many common problems such as connectedness, path finding, distances and probabilistic prediction. Interconnectedness in human relationships (sometimes called social network analysis, but not just applied to applications like Facebook and Twitter) can also be explored effectively through graph theoretical techniques.

Geometric and Pattern Matching Techniques

Sometimes motion is expressed in regular, predictable or distinctive mathematical or geometric patterns. A fishing trawler might leave port, cast  its nets in a particular manner, retrieve them at a later time and return to its home port whereas a ferry may travel back and forth between two destinations in a straight line, never deviating from its pattern. When drawn out in time series or other projections, these ships create unique geometric patterns. Shape and object recognition techniques, series pattern detection and genetic algorithms help us understand, organize and classify this kind of motion.

Machine Learning Techniques

Machine learning techniques help make sense of complex, unorganized and seemingly random data sets.Clustering identifies data elements that share a common set of features or properties. Correlation tells us whether some features of data (for example, the size or class of ship) help us predict other features (such as its speed or location). Dimensionality reduction helps us reduce the data search space to focus on only those pieces of information that matter. The most powerful techniques, prediction techniques, tell us what an object in motionshould do based on past behavior as well as whether it is behaving outside the norm.Technologies

Data Scraping

Analyze strategically combines your company's existing data with data available on the internet through public records, and other proprietary data sets to create a robust data set to base our analytical techniques. 

Change Monitoring

We monitor the source of the data and capture important changes that  provide valuable competitive or behavioral insights. 

Mobile Application Development

We build mobile applications for Android and iPhone devices that allow us to quickly and robustly gather the data sets that your organization needs whether its geospatial vehicle tracking, reporting, and many other uses.