Under the Hood: the process powering our data science


Existing data is collected and new data is captured on the web, on the road or over the ocean. 


Data is organized into a format permitting visualization and analysis beyond the limits of traditional database platforms. A custom platform (e.g. hadoop, cassandra, NOSQL, etc.) will be assembled to best fit clients' needs.


Leveraging the most trusted and reliable open source infrastructure, we use Phosphorus, our proprietary platform, to visualize your data to support data capture, organization,  analysis, and ultimately provide the justification you need to act.


Whether your organization needs basic business intelligence (count, mean, regression, and log) or the most advanced data analytics, we provide the analysis that you need. Our advanced capabilities span from graph theoretical and network techniques to machine learning and geometric pattern matching techniques and beyond. 

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With experience working for the most advanced government agencies to the Fortune 100, we understand that the analytics must support decision making for business objectives and organizational missions. We team with industry experts to ensure you receive data driven recommendations that meet your mission or objective. We will then help you design the best method to implement these recommendations within your organization, from setting new or configuring your existing hardware, installing new software, or writing new algorithm and software code tailored to your organization.