Named Entity Recognition & Ontological Classification for Verisign

With in-depth domain expertise stemming from decades of pioneering operational cybersecurity, Analyze is able to provide the most advanced text analytics, including named entity recognition and ontological classification, required to automatically sort through hundreds of thousands of documents saving analysts and programmers thousands of hours of manual labor. While other companies can handle simple english grammar analytics, Analyze takes text analysis to the next level by processing and analyzing URLs, software code, IP addresses, and more.

Authorized Reseller of Verisign Cybersecurity and Managed DNS Services

In addition to providing Verisign advanced data science solutions, Analyze is an authorized reseller of Verisign's cybersecurity and domain name services, provided a value added reseller to Verisign's customers. Read more about Verisign services that Analyze can provide your organization by clicking on the links below. 

Managed DNS

DDoS Protection Services