Our Vision for Understanding the Oceans

For hundreds of years ships have sailed over the horizon and out of sight - until now.  Analyze, SpaceQuest, SkyTruth, and Google have combined forces to provide a platform for understanding the oceans. Follow us on twitter for updates on the development of the platform. 

The Most Advanced Cybersecurity Training

Watch a demonstration of Analyze's advanced cybersecurity training capabilities.  We've trained a variety of customers from the U.S. Government to foreign governments and large corporations. 

This short video also includes a brief demonstration of a zero-day SCADA vulnerability.

Analyze and the Terramar Project

Watch a summary of an interview between Dr. Robert Nolker and the Terramar Project. 

Mercury - Analyze Software for Motion Analytics

View a demonstration of Analyze's motion analytics software Mercury.  Analyze's Dr. Robert Nolker demonstrates the software using Chi-Square, the open-source linux distribution for data scientists.

Analyze at 2013 Google IO Conference

Watch a synopsis of Analyze's capabilities as presented at the 2013 Google IO Developers Conference.