analyze clients

Strategic insight is fast and easy

The holy grail of marketing is getting the right offer to the right person at the right time. With Analyze Clients, you'll see how easy it is to make revenue decisions with greater predictability. 

A | Customer Analysis

  • Bring your data set for specific buyer analysis

B | Market Analysis

  • Grab up to five demographic or geographic variables to discover your addressable markets

C | Custom Analysis

  • Leverage our expert data scientists to run custom analytics projects

Import data via a Drop-box like interface

Simply drag and drop a spreadsheet with customer data into Analyze Clients.  It automatically handles your most frustrating data challenges

  • Validates name and address
  • Standardizes contact information
  • Enriches customer data

Drill into detailed insight

In under two minutes Analyze Clients provides a rich set of marketing insight, including unique customer or market characteristics. Compare markets or customers to specific data sets or geographic regions, like consumers in the United States or Millenials in a specific state or metropolitan region.  


Score and segment consumers

Analyze Clients scores consumers instantly, easily showing each consumer's propensity to buy, capacity to purchase, and their value to your business over time. 


Consumer Data append

We make it easy to get access to our data, so you can continue to ask the most important questions for your marketing and sales efforts.  You can append all of our variables to yours or only the variables that your business needs.    Easy to download and easy to use in .CSV with no extra work needed. 


Specialty Data Sets

Leverage our specialty data sets, including Automobile ownership and VIN data. Pull automobile ownership information by year, make and model, or find vehicle owners by zip code.  Understand the profiles of your markets so you can market better. 


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